Film Categories

{There will be something for everyone interested in Adventure and Exploration at KAFF.}

We will choose Award winners from each of the following Categories and the shortlisted entries will be shown during the three days of the Festival with the winners being announced on the Awards Night, don't miss out on entering your adventure movie  and if you want a really great few days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life why not book with our Accommodation Partners and join the festival for the weekend:

Entries can be shorts or feature length, awards will be made in both Categories:

Polar adventures

Any activity that requires you to put on more clothing than normal, grow a beard and stay frozen, then frozen again, then frozen again for a long time. Caution must always be observed when going to the toilet.

Desert adventures

Nut cases that enjoy to sweat, walk (or ride) across over sized sand pits or lightly covered grassy fields alone or in the company of some humped beast or other moody animal like object.

Jungle adventures

For those that like nothing better than a 100% high humidity fusion of bites, soggy socks, damp bits and blood sucking leeches. This deep green in colour category with tropical weirdness comes with loud animals type noises.

Water adventures

Open to those that undertake a perilous marine voyage across any water hole large enough, narrowly escaping the clutches of king Neptune, storms, giant squid, pirates and floating brown bits.

Cycling adventures

For those that pedal around the world on a cycle or other wheeled object overloaded with bags and stuff resulting in an unrivalled natural adventure. What logically follows is that you must, from time, rest your sore bottom.

Climbing adventures

This is amplified for those that enjoy the most evocative style of hanging from large rocks with thin ropes and spikey boots with the wind volume cranked off the scale.

Running adventures

The seductive lure of running from A to B with no apparent reason, which proves too much to resist. Just the ticket for those that like to wear tight shorts and forrest gump style comfortable shoes.

Adventure Sport

A category for those who willingly sacrifice themselves in the fiery cauldron of adventure and craziness, pitched in a headlong battle against the elements and other participants, to ensure your mouth is left feeling punished and puckering for more.

The Whole Nine Yards


The category for adventures and exploration that defy being categorised, for those multi-talented few who don't know the meaning of stop, end, rest - these tireless maniacs are a rare breed indeed.

The deadline for registering your interest in submitting a video/film of your adventures is March 21st, so if you are reading this and have not entered, fear not, as we will be organising KAFF 2012 before too long! To register your interest in next years KAFF simply go to the Registration Page, email us and voila, you will be kept informed.

All entrants to KAFF 2011 will receive a KAFF Guidelines and Rules Kit and will be entered in to a draw for {a fabulous Weekend Adventure Package including accommodation, meals, and water or land-based adventure activity for 2 in Killarney}, thanks to everyone who has entered their videos, a shortlist is being drawn up this week and final judging takes place next week with the winners being announced on April 9th.


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